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U.S. Government Research on the Penetration of Sarin (GB) into hard Targets at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah

WARNING: This film contains graphic images of animal deaths. One military function for using Sarin (GB) on the battlefield is to penetrate targets fortified against blast effects from standard artillery shells. This film reveals how the United States Army Chemical … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale: Historical Review of the Intelligence Community Predictions about China’s Nuclear Program during the Early 1960s

In 1983 the United State (U.S.) Intelligence Community (IC) conducted a study of intelligence judgement prior to “significant historical failures” of the IC in predicting world events affecting U.S. national security. As the documents below reveal, one of the failures … Continue reading

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AllSource Featured Analysis of the Week: China’s Emerging Sea-Based Nuclear Deterrent

This week, AllSource Analysis chose my report “China’s Emergent Sea-Based Nuclear Deterrent” as their Featured Analysis of the Week. Below is a preview of the report. For more of this kind of analysis, see the new Intelligence Channels service at AllSource. AllSource Preview – China’s … Continue reading

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Declassified: The U.S. Researched an Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) System Called NIKE-X in the 1960s

According to a declassified presidential memo from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to President Lyndon Johnson, the United States was researching an ABM system (the NIKE-X) during the early 1960s as part of its Cold War nuclear arms … Continue reading

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China’s 1966 Nuclear Missile Warhead Test was Launched Over Chinese Territory

In 1966, China conducted a risky nuclear missile warhead test across its own territory. China’s fourth nuclear test was the first test of a nuclear warhead fitted to a ballistic missile, and was launched across approximately 1000 kilometers of Chinese territory.  The … Continue reading

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Declassified: The Soviet Union Considered Using Nuclear Weapons against China during 1969 Border Clashes

A declassified Department of State report dated September 4, 1969 detailed statements made by a Soviet military officer to a U.S. Army Attache concerning plans for the possible use of nuclear weapons against China during a series of 1969 border clashes. In … Continue reading

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China’s Top Secret Mao-era Plutonium Production Facility Identified

In 1967 China started the construction of a top secret, underground plutonium production complex in a cave underneath a mountain near Fuling in Sichuan province. The complex, known as Plant 816, was never finished; China declassified the project in 2002, … Continue reading

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